The ETCL has Moved!

Posted on May 5, 2017

It is with great pleasure that we announce that in January 2017, the ETCL has moved from the Clearihue Building to the McPherson Library in UVic! The move to a more spacious and comfortable area has coincided with the expansion of our team, with more members expected to join in the near future.

We are now located in room A314 in the McPherson Library. This new space is adjacent to the Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC) and the Humanities Computing and Media Centre (HCMC).

The move opens up new possibilities for a closer partnership with library initiatives that we are excited about.

A special thanks to the library staff, and to Jonathan Bengston (University Librarian) and Lisa Goddard (Associate University Librarian, Digital Scholarship and Strategy), for helping to facilitate this move.


Open Knowledge Practicum end-of-term gathering in the new ETCL space

Previous ETCL space

Last ETCL monthly meet-up in our previous space

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