This post is part of the Meet the ETCL Team series, which introduces the wonderful people who work in the lab and who have worked with us in the past

Bea joined the team in April 2022 as the lab’s Coordinator of Operations. She keeps the lab running smoothly and provides operational support to the team. For Bea, most days in the lab consist of taking care of administrative duties and a lot of emails, but no day in the lab is the same.

Bea moved to Canada from Nicaragua to pursue her undergraduate degree in Political Science at Simon Fraser University. She joined the lab out of coincidence after responding to a posting on Indeed.

In her free time, Bea often finds herself cooking and baking. She loves experimenting with new recipes, and she often brings her creations into the lab to share with the team — who are more than happy to play the role of taste testers! Bea’s interests also include talking about politics, social justice, food, and history, and she loves travelling and spending time with friends and family. Naturally, a great way to spend a day off from work for Bea involves a hike or a visit to the beach and enjoying good food with friends. However, she’ll make sure to have Google Maps on hand if she’s going out for an adventure because her sense of direction isn’t nearly as honed as her sense of flavour.

Bea is a big fan of relaxing with a good series on Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime. Her favourite show is Band of Brothers, but nowadays she’s into The Boys and Stranger Things. She loves a good podcast to stay connected with contemporary issues, especially Fresh Air from NPR, and her all-time favourite book is Orwell’s 1984.