This post is part of the Meet the ETCL Team series, which introduces the wonderful people who work in the lab and who have worked with us in the past.

Eduardo is a Mitacs research intern joining the lab from Mexico. He started in the lab in May 2024 and will stay for three months in the summer to work on the knowledge diversity research scan and the HSS Commons and assist with DHSI 2024.

Currently pursuing his undergraduate studies in international relations at the University of Guadalajara, Eduardo brings valuable experience from his work at the Center of International Strategic Studies (CEERI), specializing in cyberspace issues such as cyberwarfare, fake news, deep fakes, and the internet’s impact on international relations. He has actively participated in UN model projects both in New York City and Jalisco, Mexico.

When he is not busy in the lab, at school, or working, Eduardo loves to watch movies and listen to podcasts. His favorite films range from Pacific Rim, Sing Street, Godzilla-1, to Interstellar, while he tunes into podcasts like and Pop Geopolitics.

During his stay in Victoria, Eduardo enjoys exploring the city on his bike, discovering new places, trying new cuisines, and baking for himself. On a typical day off, he loves taking the ferry with friends to explore local islands, know about new cultures, and await the possibility of watching whales.