Brown Bag Lunches

Brown Bag Lunches are a series of informal lunchtime seminars for faculty and graduate students from the Faculty of Humanities and across the university to discuss issues in digital literacy, digital humanities, and the changing face of research, scholarship, and teaching in our increasingly digital world. Roughly once per month we meet to hear from an invited speaker, share ideas, and build knowledge. This series has various members, and has been running since 2010.
Members: various, session by session, several per term. Now in its eighth year.



Leads: Matthew Huculak (ETCL, Library) and Randa El Khatib (ETCL, English)

  • Modelling as an Experimental Practice in the Humanities: Øyvind Eide (Digital Humanities, U of Cologne)
  • Decolonizing the Academic Edition (with Indigenized Cyberspace): Sara Humphreys (Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Victoria)
  • The Comédie-Française Registers Project: Visualizing Eighteenth-Century Theater Ticket Sales and Repertories: Jeffrey S. Ravel (History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Sara Harvey (French, Uvic)
  • Visual Recognition of Symbolic and Natural Patterns: Alexandra Branzan Albu (Electrical and Computer Engineering, UVic)
  • Privacy, Security, and the Internet: Erik Repperl (Computer Science)



Leads: Matthew Huculak (ETCL, Library)

  • Alice And Bob: A Critical History of Cryptography’s Most Famous Couple: Quinn DuPont (Digital Studies)
  • Deploying Online Services to Support Colaboration: Corey Scholefield (Computer Science)
  • Decolonizing Bodies: Indigenizing Data to Produce Better Health and Wellness Outcomes: Jacqueline Quinless (Digital Scholarship)



Leads: Jana Millar Usiskin (English)

  • The Digital Humanities as PhD Practice: Bassam Chiblak (English), Lindsey Seatter (English, ETCL) and Caroline Winter (English)
  • The Lost World of Telidon: Challenges in the Conservation of Glenn Howarth’s Digital Art: John Durno (Library)
  • Archiving Arabic Folk Tradition: Dwight Reynolds (U California, Santa Barbara)
  • How Student Collaboration and Innovation Helped Build a Database of Victoria Periodical Poetry: Alison Chapman (English) and Samantha MacFarlane (English)



Leads: Jana Millar Usiskin (English)

  • Hokkaistory: A digital exploration of space, time and historical narrative: Joel Legassie (History)
  • Big Modernism: Belaid Moa (Compute Canada) and Jana Millar Usiskin (English)
  • Library Services for Digital Humanists: Lisa Goddard (Library)
  • Z-Axis Scholarship: Modelling How Modernists Wrote the City: Alex Christie (English) and Katie Tanigawa (English)
  • Teaching Computer Science in the Middle School Classroom: Mantis Cheng (Computer Science)
  • Speak for Yourself! South American Indigenous Self-Representation Online and the Potential for Critical Discourse Analysis: Betsy Hagestedt (Anthropology)



Leads: Aaron Mauro (ETCL, English)

  • All the News That’s Fit to Link: The Problem of Journalism in the Digital Age: David Leach(Writing)
  • Interactive Technologies and New Media Art in Victoria: Justin Love (Limbic Media)
  • HASTAC Research Panel: Trish Baer (English), Cameron Butt (English), Daniel Powell (ETCL, English) and Jana Millar Usiskin (Maker Lab, English)
  • Expanding Our Vision: Images and Gaming: Amy Gooch (Computer Science)
  • Chanting monks, chatting whales, laughing rats and browing unfamiliar music – content-aware interfaces for audio signals: George Tzanetakis (Computer Science)
  • Digital Innovation and the Modernist/Postmodernist Experimental Novel (Rebecca West/BS Johnson): Richard Lane (VIU, English)
  • Teaching the Tour de France Online: Emile Fromet de Rosnay (French)
  • Rethinking the Library’s: Inba Kehoe (U Victoria Library)



Leads: Jentery Sayers (English)

  • Digital Media Archaelogy: Lori Emerson (U Colorado, Boulder)
  • The Impact of Social Media on Software Engineering Research: Margaret-Anne Storey (Computer Science)
  • Close reading, distant reading and in between: Visualizing spaces of knowledge in early medieval scholarship: Malte Rehbein (U Wurzburg)
  • Does the World Need Another Website? An Insider’s View of Starting a DH Project: Laura Estill (ETCL, English)
  • Stitching Together Speculatiobs along the Z-Axis of Algorithmic Culture: Jentery Sayers (English)
  • “Textual Performance” in Ulysses: Versioning Print Processes: Matthew Huculak (MVP, English)



Leads: Laura Estill (ETCL, English)

  • “And now completely finished”: Rebuilding and Expanding The Map of Early Modern London: Janelle Jenstad (English)
  • Mallarmé: Hypertext and Hypermediality: Emile Fromet de Rosnay (French)
  • Writing with Sound: Composing Long-Form, Mulimodal Scholarship: Jentery Sayers (English)
  • Digital Media Archaeology: Lori Emerson (U of Colorade at Boulder)



Leads: Constance Crompton (ETCL, English)

  • Bruce Gooch (Computer Science), John Lutz (History), Meagan Timney (ETCL, English), James Nahachewsky (Education)



  • The series was informal, with monthly exchanges taking place in the ETCL meeting space