Digital Scholarship Fellowship

The Electronic Textual Cultures Lab (ETCL) at the University of Victoria is offering Digital Scholarship Fellowships during the academic year. Digital Scholarship Fellowships support graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, new and visiting scholars at UVic, as well as staff, faculty, and librarians making substantial use of digital and/or social knowledge creation methods to do humanities or interdisciplinary research. We invite individuals from all disciplines to join the ETCL community in this way and to work alongside our team in the ETCL on relevant projects within their area of research. Please navigate to the Our Team page to view current and former Digital Scholarship Fellows.


  • Fellows reside in Victoria or the Greater Victoria area for the duration of their participation in this on-campus program, located at the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab in the McPherson Library;

  • Fellows are self-directed, work on their own research with the ETCL community for several hours per week (as agreed upon in advance), and have experience working toward defined goals;

  • Fellows attend ETCL events as they are able;

  • Fellows are able to work successfully in a team environment.


  • Bookable desk space (with regular time allocations) and an optional locker in the ETCL;

  • Access to the ETCL during regular lab hours, ¬†9am-5pm Monday-Friday;

  • Consultations with ETCL colleagues on research and development;

  • Presentation opportunities at ETCL events (e.g., Nuts & Bolts talks, Digital Scholarship on Tap talks)

  • Support for attendance in one course at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI).

Digital Scholarship Fellowships will be based in the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab, an interdisciplinary research organization at UVic.

Applications, comprising a CV and cover letter that proposes aligned research for the fellowships and outcomes, may be sent electronically to <> and will be considered on a rolling basis.