Open Knowledge Residency (OKR)

This week-long intensive summer residency in the ETCL is co-sponsored by UVic’s Digital Scholarship Commons and is part of our Open Knowledge Program. It supports UVic graduate students as they develop an aspect of their thesis or dissertation and share their knowledge in an open, public venue.

The OKR is an opportunity for fellows to develop a specific, well-defined aspect of their graduate research in an intensive setting. Participants are encouraged to set writing / development goals, foster professional work habits, and meet and strategize with ETCL team members. For those just embarking on their graduate work, this opportunity can provide a space to carry out initial research to serve as a foundation for future work.

Resident fellows carry out research related to their thesis or dissertation, with space and consultation provided, and share their knowledge in an open environment by contributing to Wikipedia, submitting work to an open access journal or to UVicSpace, or creating an open access digital resource.

The OKR is open to UVic graduate students (MA or PhD) in any discipline and runs onsite for one week (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) during the summer term, in May, June, or July. Some honorariums are available comprising free registration in up to two courses at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI).

How to apply:

The call for applications is currently closed. Please contact us with any questions about the program.

Past Projects

Summer 2019

Darren Reid: Aborigines’ Protection Society Map, a visualization tool for Darren’s Master’s thesis on African correspondence with the Aborigines’ Protection Society in South Africa in the late nineteenth century.

Elaine Laberge: “No Landscape for a Good Underclass Woman” (in development), digicaster images for The Shoestring Initiative