Our Team

Ray Siemens
ETCL Director
Alyssa Arbuckle
Associate Director
Daniel Sondheim
Assistant Director
Trish Baer
Digital Scholarship Fellow
John Barber
Associated Researcher
Constance Crompton
2017/18 Honorary Resident Wikipedian
Mahesh Kumar Dey
Open Knowledge Practicum Student
Øyvind Eide
Visiting Scholar
Randa El-Khatib
Research Assistant
Jason Ensor
Visiting Scholar
Kasra Ghorbaninejad
Postdoctoral Fellow
Josie Greenhill
Open Knowledge Practicum Student
Dene Grigar
Associated Researcher
Anna Honcharova
Mitacs Globalink Intern
Matthew Huculak
Associated Researcher
Sara Humphreys
Open Knowledge Practicum Student
Paula Johanson
Open Knowledge Practicum Student
Hector Lopez
Research Assistant
Jonathan Martin
Visiting Graduate Researcher
Luis Meneses
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ellen Michelle
Open Knowledge Practicum Student
Lindsey Seatter
Research Assistant
Derek Siemens
Research Assistant
Lynne Siemens
Associated Researcher
Kimberly Silk
Research Consultant and Facilitator
Tim Sobie
Research Assistant
Molly Trepanier
Open Knowledge Practicum Student
Harris Watt
Open Knowledge Practicum Student
Caroline Winter
Open Scholarship Facilitator
David Wrisley
Visiting Scholar

Past Associates

  • Alexandra Branzan Albu (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • Brad Bryan (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • Catherine Caws (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • Alison Chapman (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • Hugh Craig (Visiting Scholar, 2010) – University of Newcastle, Australia
  • James Cummings (Associated Researcher) – University of Oxford
  • George Dyson (Honorary Affiliated Researcher)
  • Emile Fromet de Rosnay (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • Amy Gooch (Associated Researcher) – Texas A&M University
  • Bruce Gooch (Associated Researcher) – Texas A&M University
  • Dean Irvine (Associated Researcher) – Dalhousie University
  • Inba Kehoe (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • Richard J. Lane (Associated Researcher) – Vancouver Island University
  • Pierre Lévy (Visiting Scholar, 2011) – University of Ottawa
  • John Lutz (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • James Nahachewsky (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • Serina Patterson (Research Assistant) – University of British Columbia
  • Malte Rehbein (Visiting Scholar, 2012) – Universität Passau
  • Stephen Ross (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • Jentery Sayers (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • Ulf Schuetze (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • Margaret-Anne Storey (Associated Researcher) – University of Victoria
  • E. Bridget Sweeney (Researcher) – University of Victoria


Past Team Members

  • Karin Armstrong (Administrator and Project Manager)
  • Adèle Barclay (Research Assistant) – University of Victoria
  • Maximilian Berens (Research Assistant)
  • Nina Belojevic (Research Developer and Information Architect) – University of Victoria
  • Alanna Blackall (Open Knowledge Practicum Student)
  • Analisa Blake (Pedagogy and Public Knowledge Project Researcher)
  • Alessandra Bordini (Open Knowledge Practicum Student)
  • Jonathan Cain (Open Knowledge Practicum Student)
  • Paul Caton (Postdoctoral Fellow in History and Future of the Book) – King’s College London
  • Dustin Chang (Web Developer, Programmer)
  • Melanie Chernyk (Lab Coordinator, INKE Project Manager)
  • Anne Correia (Electronic Editions Researcher)
  • Alex Christie (Research Assistant) – University of Victoria
  • Shawn DeWolfe (Web Developer / Programmer)
  • James Dixon (Technical Co-Lead, Developer)
  • Tracey El Hajj (Research Assistant)
  • Mike Elkink (Lead Programmer, Developer)
  • Laura Estill (Banting Postdoctoral Fellow) – Texas A&M University
  • Alex Garnett (Research Assistant) – Simon Fraser University
  • Chris Gaudet (Knowledgebase Development Researcher) – University of British Columbia
  • Paul Girn (Co-op programmer)
  • Tassie Gniady (Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) Project Manager and Research Coordinator) – Indiana University
  • Josie Greenhill (Open Knowledge Practicum Student)
  • Kerri Grimaldi (Summer Intern 2014)
  • Eric Haswell (Programmer and Consultant)
  • Matthew Hiebert (Postdoctoral Fellow) – University of Victoria
  • Brett D. Hirsch (Postdoctoral Fellow, Adjunct Assistant Professor of English) – University of Western Australia
  • Margaret Hoegg (Digital Humanities Summer Institute Coordinator (2009), Administrative Support, Web-Content Editor)
  • Sara Humphreys (Open Knowledge Practicum Student)
  • Michael Joyce (Lead Programmer Analyst, Developer)
  • Paula Johanson (Open Knowledge Practicum Student)
  • Corina Koolen (Research Assistant) – University of Amsterdam
  • Rachel Lallouz (Digital Scholarship Fellow)
  • Conrad Leibel (Graduate Research Assistant) – University of Victoria
  • Cara Leitch (Researcher, DHSI Coordinator/Assistant Director) – University of Victoria
  • Aaron Mauro (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Alastair McColl (Programmer)
  • Alyssa McLeod (Research Assistant)
  • Julie Meloni (Postdoctoral Fellow, INKE Information Management)
  • Sarah Milligan (Research Consultant and Facilitator)
  • Jessica Natale (Researcher)
  • Angela Norton (Programmer Analyst, Developer)
  • Mo Oweis (Co-op Programmer)
  • Johanne Paquette (Researcher)
  • Brandy Patterson (Researcher)
  • Daniel Powell (Research Assistant)
  • Sanjana Ramesh (Open Knowledge Practicum Student)
  • Ashlin Richardson (Developer)
  • Jennifer Ross (Programmer Analyst, Developer)
  • Angelsea Saby (Interface Designer) – University of Lethbridge
  • Kate Siemens (Research Assistant)
  • Katie Tanigawa (Research Assistant)
  • Brandon Taylor (Research Assistant)
  • Meagan Timney (Postdoctoral Fellow, Editing Modernism in Canada Project)
  • Molly Trepanier (Open Knowledge Practicum Student)
  • Gerry Watson (Renaissance English Knowledge-base Researcher)
  • Harris Watt (Open Knowledge Practicum Student)
  • Kim S. Webb (Lab Coordinator, Project Manager) – University of Victoria
  • Shaun Wong (Programmer, Developer)