Nuts & Bolts

The Nuts & Bolts series invites all of those doing or interested in digital humanities work at UVic to meet at several points during the academic year, in order to discuss praxis as well as pertinent trends and issues. This series has various members, and has been running since 2011.
Members: various, session by session, several per term; now in its seventh year.



Leads: Luis Meneses (English, ETCL) and Sarah Milligan (English, ETCL)

  • Digital Humanities and Institutional Structures: U Cologne’s Programming in the Humanities: Øyvind Eide (Digital Humanities, U of Cologne)
  • What are the processes and practicalities of turning an academic edition into a text-based game?: Sara Humphreys (Assistant Teaching Professor, UVic)
  • Online Security: Jonathan Martin (Digital Humanities, Kings College)
  • Online Academic Conferences and the Academic Research Poster: Paula Johansen (English, UVic)



Leads: Tracey El Hajj (English, ETCL) and Katie Tanigawa (English, ETCL)

  • The Map of Early Modern London: Catriona Duncan (English)
  • Crafting DH Grant Applications: Alyssa Arbuckle (ETCL)
  • The Intersection of Technology and Visual Arts: Doug Jarvis (Visual Arts)



Leads: Katie Tanigawa (English, ETCL) and Alex Christie (English, ETCL)

  • Working with Linked Data and the Challenges and Potentials Derived from Building Digital Ontologies for the Linked Modernisms Project: Jana Millar Usiskin (English)
  • Christine Walde (Library) and Caroline Winter (English), Digital Humanities Skills Training course participants (UVic)
  • The Political and Social Impacts of Digital Cartography: Brian Thom (Anthropology, Ethnographic Mapping Lab)
  • Building a DH Scholar: Lisa Goddard (Library)



Leads: Matthew Hiebert (ETCL, English)

  • The Space(s) of Digital Humanities: Richard Lane (Vancouver Island U)
  • Can you get What you Want?: Stephen Ross (English and Cultural, Social, and Political Thought)
  • Finding Women in the Archives: Digital Remedying & Remediation: Kim McLean-Fiander (English)



Leads: Matthew Hiebert (ETCL, English)

  • User-Testing DH Prototypes: Monica M. Brown (U British Columbia), Teresa Dobson (U British Columbia) and Ernesto Peña (U British Columbia), Richard Cavell (U British Columbia)
  • Using Omeka: Exhibiting the Archive Online: Matthew Huculak (MVP, English)
  • Media Theory and the Digital Humanities: Marshall McLuhan (English, UBC)



Leads: Laura Estill (ETCL, English)

  • Why the Library Won’t Archive your DH Project: Inba Kehoe (Library), Ken Cooley (Library), John Durno (Uvic Library) and Paul Stokes (Chief Information Officer)
  • Professor Twitter: Social Media for Academics to Network: Janni Aragon (Political Science)
  • Using Digital Tools to Engage Learners: Catherine Caws (French)
  • Creative and Critical Approaches to E-Waste: Jentery Sayers (English)



Leads: Constance Crompton (ETCL, English)

  • The Pleasures and Perils of Starting a DH Project: Janelle Jenstad (English)
  • Scaling Up: Developing Metrics and Milestones for Small Digital Humanities Projects: Constance Crompton (ETCL, English)
  • Working in the Digial Humanities: Ray Siemens (English, Computer Science) and Stephen Ross (English and Cultural, Social, and Political Thought)



  • The series was informal, with regular gatherings taking place at the Grad House