The Electronic Textual Cultures Lab (ETCL; and the University of Victoria Libraries ( proudly host Dr. Erin Glass (U California San Diego) as Honorary Resident Wikipedian for 2019-20, and the Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE; Partnership and the Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences ( sponsor Dr. Glass in this role.

In 2019-20, Dr. Glass will situate her work in the ETCL and UVic Libraries and contribute to the local research and library communities at U Victoria, as well as within the INKE Partnership. As Honorary Resident Wikipedian, Dr. Glass will give the opening presentation at ETCL/UVic Libraries Wikipedia edit-a-thons in autumn 2019 and spring 2020. Dr. Glass’s dedication to open social scholarship aligns with both the ETCL and UVic Libraries’ commitment to this same set of concepts and practices.

Dr. Glass is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at UC San Diego, where she facilitates the Digital Humanities Research Group and directs KNIT, a digital commons for UC San Diego, the San Diego Community College District, and San Diego State University. Her work focuses on using digital tools and social practices to make education and knowledge production more democratic, collaborative, and publicly engaged. Dr. Glass received the 2018 Emerging Open Scholarship Award for #SocialDiss, a project where she socialized dissertation drafts across multiple writing platforms for public review.

The ETCL and UVic Libraries are pleased to host Dr. Glass as their 2019-20 Honorary Resident Wikipedian, a role that was previously held by Dr. Christian Vandendorpe from 2014–2016, and Dr. Constance Crompton from 207-2019. This initiative is co-sponsored by the ETCL, UVic Libraries, INKE, and the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Please direct any inquiries to the ETCL via Alyssa Arbuckle (<>) and to the UVic Libraries via Lisa Goddard (<>).