The Electronic Textual Cultures Lab at the University of Victoria ( is hosting an interdisciplinary lecture series, Digital Scholarship on Tap. This gathering is meant to bring together faculty, students, and staff across campus in a collegial atmosphere to discuss developments in digital scholarship, research, and teaching in our increasingly cybernated world.

Our next topic is “Citizen Science.” The format will follow an interview-style discussion of different disciplinary approaches to citizen science.

Thursday, April 25, 4:00pm-6:00pm (1hr talk + drinks)
University Club: Member’s Lounge

Everyone is welcome! Please make sure to register for the gathering via Eventbrite.

Speakers are Stefania Gorgopa, David Boudinot, and Daniel Brendle-Moczuk.

Stefania Gorgopa is a UVic alum with a master’s of Science in environmental studies and a BSc in Marine Biology (UBC). Her personal mission is to promote marine conservation through scientific exploration and engaging communication. She will talk about Guardians of the Deep, a citizen science program founded by Stefania during her master’s degree. Through the program volunteer scuba divers monitor and report Pacific rockfish abundance and diversity in the Salish Sea. The analysis of diver data from the program shows the quality of citizen science diver-generated data is as precise as data from divers with scientific diver certifications.

David Boudinot and Daniel Brendle-Moczuk will discuss plastic pellet pollution on Vancouver island beaches. David Boudinot is the Acquisitions & Electronic Resources Librarian at UVic who has been studying plastic pellet pollution since 2016. Daniel Brendle-Moczuk is the geospatial and social sciences data librarian at UVic who stealthily observes and documents the world around him including pre-consumer plastic pellet spills. Their project focuses on nurdles, the raw materials used for plastic products that can be melted down into things like plastic bags and bottles. These small plastic pellets escape into waterways or oceans and have become a significant source of ocean and beach plastic pollution. With the help of citizen science, David and Daniel quantify and map plastic pellet distribution on Vancouver Island beaches and are working on identifying the sources of this solidified oil spill.

Come discuss digital technologies and research in our community!