This post is part of the Meet the ETCL Team series, which introduces the wonderful people who work in the lab and who have worked with us in the past

Maggie is a MITACS Globalink intern from Syracuse, New York. She started in the lab in May 2022 and will stay for three months in the summer to work on the knowledge diversity research scan and assist with DHSI 2022 — Online Edition.

Maggie is set to graduate in 2023 from Syracuse University with bachelor’s degrees in Citizenship and Civic Engagement and Writing and Rhetoric, as well as a minor in Public Communications Studies. She is committed to creating more equitable relationships between academic and non-academic communities and creating spaces where communities can tell their stories on their own terms. Maggie holds two undergraduate research assistant positions, working with the Engaged Humanities Network, where she explores relationships between universities and their surrounding communities, as well as City Scripts, to investigate the history of public housing and future plans for redevelopment in Syracuse, NY. She’s also a member of the Civic and Global Responsibility community of practice at her university.

When she’s not busy in the lab, at school, or working on her several projects, Maggie enjoys listening to music, cooking, and spending time outside. She confesses that she secretly loves reality dating shows but also likes a good nature documentary.