This post is part of the Meet the ETCL Team series, which introduces the wonderful people who work in the lab and who have worked with us in the past.

Janine joined the lab in January 2023 via an Open Knowledge Practicum. Originally from Austria, she, along with her partner, live partly in Vienna and partly in Victoria.

Janine believes in open education and is working hard to make education accessible for everyone. In the lab, Janine is developing educational tools that enhance and ease learning of history from the sites of memory. Her project explores open educational resources (OER) for the (post-) secondary classroom, and aims to create a learning environment for educators and learners alike. She feels happy that the INKE conference, organized by the ETCL during her first week in the lab, offered her a wonderful opportunity to learn so much about other researchers’ work and ideas and to get started with her own project.

Outside the lab, Janine is working on her PhD project on Holocaust education, where she focuses on how teachers could be better prepared for teaching about the Holocaust and Human Rights. Janine is also involved in projects related to the use and promotion of Open Educational Resources in language education, especially German, to make language education more meaningful, diverse, and inclusive. To keep up with all of these projects, she always plans ahead and enjoys using the Google calendar for this purpose.

Janine prefers to spend her free time on beaches—reading, drinking coffee, or walking. She enjoys that Vancouver Island has a lot of amazing beaches where she can lay down and read her most favourite books—crime novels of all sorts—and swim afterwards. Janine also loves meeting friends and family, cooking a spicy curry, and hanging out in a beautiful place whenever she gets time.