This post is part of the Meet the ETCL Team series, which introduces the wonderful people who work in the lab and who have worked with us in the past.

Shera is a visiting master’s student from the University of Cologne (Germany) majoring in Media Informatics. She started working in the lab in October 2022. She is passionate about social media and technology in general and eager to become a future leader in Media and Informatics.

Shera’s research is focused on platform studies and AI possibilities. In the lab, she contributes to the platform research for the Canadian HSS Commons through various projects she has been undertaking as part of her master’s thesis. Outside the lab, Shera finds great pleasure and joy publishing her works on a self-hosted, blog-like website that takes readers on a journey of developing passion and motivation for scientific work. She also works on university projects such as the CCeh and creates new project ideas for them.

When she is not busy in the lab or working on her projects, Shera enjoys reading books, listening to music, watching films, or engaging in sports. Her favourite authors include  Paulo Coelho, Dale Carnegie, Joe Dispenza, and many others in the field of self-development psychology and technology. Shera likes all sorts of good music from around the globe while films like As Long as I Live or TV series like Sence8 are the best in her eyes since psycho thriller and romance are her favourite movie genres. Performing Zumba dance and swimming are her favourite sport activities that she finds very helpful to ensure a balance between the body and the mind.

Furthermore, travelling around the world and meeting new people to discover their traditions and culture is another thing Shera has a lot of passion for. While in Canada she has taken the opportunity to explore nearby cities and places.